After completing my fourth half-marathon I told my wife “I’m done with running”. Two days later I sent her text saying “Let’s run our first full marathon”.  Turns out this is a very common transition for runners. So, in 13 weeks I’m going to be running in my first full marathon.

My other passion is public relations and storytelling. I’m the Director of Communications for a public school district in Texas and I absolutely love it. Often times while I’m running for a PR (personal record) I’m thinking of PR (Public Relations). See what I did there?  Whether it’s content marketing, a feature video, or  an upcoming event…to succeed in PR you constantly have to have the wheels spinning in your brain. Running has become my happy place to process ideas and strategies.

In this blog I’m going to take you through my daily training of running my first full marathon…and share PR thoughts that swirl in my head as I run. Sometimes, there might be a direct connection, somedays it might be a “stretch” (couldn’t resist)…but I hope this will help both sets of PR oriented people!