The heavens opened up and trumpets blared. Angels sang out and gave you the most beautiful idea you have had in months. It will reach thousands, inspire your audience, and bring great recognition to your company. You can’t sleep at night at the pure thought of it…then it happens.

The “it” can be a number of things. An impromptu meeting that takes an entire afternoon, a crisis situation, or any number of issues we are all familiar with. Next thing you know the idea that would change the world (or your brand’s reputation) is put on the back burner… and it never happens.

Over the last two weeks I’ve had the best ideas for blog posts…then “it” happened. Shopping, Christmas, assembling toys, New Years, traveling…and then our washer and hot water heater both going out within days of each other. Next thing you know my writing was on the back burner and two weeks went by without a post.

The solution is simple yet for some reason complicated for us humans. If I tracked back the events that occurred after I had these amazing ideas…I had the time. Instead, I checked my emails and did other busy work while waiting for the “perfect” moment to put the project into motion. I chased my kids like a monster and decided to watch the end of a football game instead of writing the blog…you get the point. One of my favorite PR professionals from the world of sports is Jeramie McPeek (@Jeramie on Twitter). I had the privilege of hearing him speak at a conference this past year and he put it perfectly when he said “Don’t be afraid to take the shot.”

I love this quote. If you hold onto the ball for too long the defense (whatever “it” may be) will close in and force you to pass. What a waste of a beautiful opportunity.

All this to say my resolution for the new year is to take the shot. Perfect moments don’t exist…but amazing opportunities do. I’m tired of staring at Post It notes and journal entries of amazing ideas that never happened. I’m taking the shot.

As for running…I have completed two 18 mile runs and gearing up for a 20 miler in a couple of weeks. Less than 2 months away from race day!