Arguably, the most successful three words in the history of athletic PR. It’s easy to remember and speaks to its target audience.

Note: I wear Saucony running shoes so this is not an endorsement for Nike. I don’t want to mislead the 13 people who read this.

The 14 miles I ran on Sunday was the furthest I have ever run. I have completed half marathons…but after that I usually take a week (or month) off. There is no such rest when training for a full marathon. So, doing a three mile recovery run was a new experience. The first half mile my legs felt like absolute Jello (I don’t eat Jello. So again no endorsement). I negotiated with myself to make it through one mile. My pace was slow, my knees hurt, but when I made it to the one mile marker I started to feel normal. By trusting the science that went into my training plan I pushed through and my legs felt better because of it. The recovery run isn’t supposed to feel great…but you have to push through to get to the greater goal of completing a marathon.

I go through this on a weekly basis at my job. Instead of running it comes in the form of video storytelling. The most overwhelming feeling when editing a news gathering story (not scripted or pre produced) is having 15 minutes worth of interviews, 10 minutes worth of B-roll (video that illustrates) and finding out how to put it all together in a neatly wrapped 2 minute story. Somedays, it’s easy and the story writes itself. Other stories are challenging. I stare at the footage, scroll through interviews, and have no idea which direction the story should go. I take my mind off of it by doing other tasks such as checking email, clearing SD cards, file management, all in hopes I will have an epiphany. It seldom if ever works. The only way to complete the project is to grind it out. Pick up a pen and start scripting the voice over. Go find the perfect music. Put some interviews together and see what flows…JUST DO IT.

Once you get through that first half mile the story usually starts to come into focus. Next up…16 miles on Saturday.